Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bush Administration Lies to Allies (yawn)

In their unstinting efforts to destroy US credibility, the Bush administration, we now learn, has been deceiving our Asian allies in our ongoing dispute with North Korea. Pyongyang, it seems, did NOT export nuclear material to Libya. North Korea provided uranium hexafluoride to Pakistan and Pakistan turned around and supplied it to Libya, apparently without the knowledge of the North Koreans. Despite knowing about this chain of events all along the United States told our regional allies that North Korea was a direct provider of the fissile material to Libya.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other, right? Except that the Pakistanis are our best buddies in the "War on Terror." Oh, and our Asian allies might not have wanted to join the ineffectual six party talks without the extra incentive of North Korea being Kaddafi's nuclear arms supplier.

Another one of those pesky "former Bush administration officials" gets it right:
"The administration is giving Pakistan a free ride when they don't deserve it and hurting U.S. interests at the same time," said Charles L. Pritchard, who was the Bush administration's special envoy for the North Korea talks until August 2003. "As our allies get the full picture, it doesn't help our credibility with them," he said.
I swear I've got to find a Bush flunky to explain it to me again. Is it: It's OK to lie as long as it hurts America? Or does it go: Lying is OK, it's the blowjobs that are impermissible? Or is the easy-to-remember: Some people are more equal than others, ergo Republican lies good, Democratic lies bad.

I'm sure one of these days I'll get the rules straight.