Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Bubble Boy and "Democracy"

The Carpetbagger has the latest on Bubble Boy's inability to interact with those of opposing viewpoints.

Speaking for myself and my family, I can relate to the UA student who was denied access. We (my parents and I) separately tried to get tickets to see Dear Leader when he came to Colorado earlier this week. We learned via a forwarded e-mail that tickets could be obtained from the office of Rep. Bob Beauprez. Two separate calls to the congressman's office yielded the same result: No tickets but the nagging feeling that tickets were available for the "right" kind of people.

The almost direct quote from the staffer on the phone: "I'm sorry but we're out of tickets. But if you could give me your name and address I can check to see if we've got any extra tickets available." Seriously, that's what she said.

So much for democracy and dialog. You are not allowed to see the President of the United States unless you're on an approved list.

The transcript of his Colorado bamboozlepalooza event shows that George honestly thinks he's talking to "the people."
THE PRESIDENT: ...We're going to have a serious dialogue on Social Security. It's an issue that requires a lot of dialogue and a lot of discussion. And so I want to thank our panelists for joining us. I want to thank you all for your interest in this subject.
Later, when bantering with an invited stage guest, a junior from CU, he reinforced his belief that he's winning converts:
THE PRESIDENT: Good. Yes, well, this is a little political science exercise right now. This is called, taking the message to the people. (Laughter.) Because I believe the people will influence the outcome of this debate.

While I'm glad to see that Georgie remains safe in his bubble, oblivious to reality, I can't help but be sad for our country. Dissent is now, not only mocked, but actively avoided by replacing it with false replicas of "town hall" meetings. A meeting of the minds is precluded because only those with the approved point of view are allowed to participate.